Event Management App Development


Event Management App


Digital Atom had the privilege to collaborate with a public organization (name non-disclosable) in the development of a comprehensive software and app solution for managing their year-long celebration events. The organization required a user-friendly platform to handle event reservations and check-ins efficiently.




The goal of the project was to create a software and an app that would streamline the event management process for the organization. They needed a secure and fast registration system on the backend, while the app would enable seamless check-ins using a QR code system. The objective was to enhance the overall event experience for both the organization and the attendees.



  1. Streamlined Event Management: every attendee could easily and fast register at events, reducing manual work for both attendees and the organization.
  2. Fast and Secure Registration: The backend system ensured secure event registrations, reducing manual work and eliminating potential errors associated with traditional methods.
  3. Seamless Check-ins: The app’s QR code system enabled quick and accurate check-ins at events

“App and web App allowed to seamlessly handle events with more than 60.000 attendees”

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VR brings ancient Temple back to life


VR brings ancient
Temple back to life


For a renowned travel company we created a 360-Degree Virtual Tour of an old Greek Temple, of which only ruins where left.

Through the digital reconstruction, it is now possible to visit the temple in VR as it was hundreds of year ago when it reached its most impressive state.




The primary goal of this project was to attract more visitors to the temple by offering them the opportunity to explore the destination virtually before making a booking. The secondary goal was to create a memorable and captivating experience for users.


We embarked on a digital reconstruction of the old temple, leveraging 3D modeling and high-resolution 360-degree panoramic images. This approach allowed tourists to virtually visit the temple as it appeared during its most impressive era, providing them with a true journey through time. 



  • Significant boost in tour bookings and customer base
  • Brand differentiation from competitors thanks to virtual reality (VR)
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to the unforgettable experience offered
  • Elevated brand reputation of the company 

“More visitors, increased engagement, elevated customer satisfaction”

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Enhancing BaxEnergy’s Online Presence


Web development
for energy&utilities



BaxEnergy, a leading energy management solutions provider, recognized the need for a complex restructuring activity to enhance their online presence.

We delivered customized web services that elevated BaxEnergy’s digital assets and improved the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).




BaxEnergy’s goal was to revamp their website, providing visitors with an engaging and intuitive browsing experience, while improving search engine visibility to attract a larger audience.




Now navigating BaxEnergy’s website has become intuitive and engaging.

The reengineering of their website has helped them consolidate their brand reputation within the energy industry landscape, increasing the: 

  • n° of downloads of digital resources;
  • n° of articles read;
  • n° of applications for the open job positions.

Thanks to our dynamic collaboration with Digital Atom, we have undergone a remarkable website metamorphosis, propelling it to new heights and attracting users with an unparalleled experience. 

~ Isidea, CMO of BaxEnergy

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Exploring the futuristic Hub in 360°


Exploring the futuristic
hub in 360°

logo free mind foundry


For Free Mind Foundry, the biggest innovation and research center in South of Italy, we have created a virtual tour of its futuristic facility through high resolution 360° images.




The goal was to digitally represent the interiors of Free Mind Foundry, allowing people from all corners of the globe to explore its futuristic and innovative workspace.

We aimed to attract individuals who were interested in investing in the campus, studying at its academy, or securing a seat in its co-working space.


To achieve our goal, we embarked on an extensive process of capturing immersive 360° photospheres of the entire facility. Each area was meticulously photographed, ensuring that every detail was faithfully represented. We then enhanced these photospheres by incorporating informative overlays that provided valuable insights and context about the different spaces within Free Mind Foundry.




The outcome was an interactive virtual tour of the Campus, which extends on two floors. As users navigate through the tour, they are immersed in stunning 360° views of the facility, with informative overlays enriching their experience by offering in-depth information about each area.

The 360° virtual tour of our Campus crafted by Digital Atom has masterfully captured the social essence and the futuristic design of Free Mind Foundry, offering an immersive digital experience

~ Simone Massaro, Founder & CEO of Free Mind Foundry | International Cooperation Hub

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Car Configurator, Interactive 3D Customizer

Car configurator



Capitalizing on real-time rendering technology, the 3D Car Configurator was realized for an important automotive client (undisclosable) to empower users to visualize, personalize and experience their dream cars in real-time and in the most realistic way possible.




Our customer came to us with 3 main challenges:

  • simplify the process of choosing and customizing cars, making it easier for customers to navigate through numerous options.
  • facilitate the buying process to boost sales
  • cut costs of physical showrooms


To achieve our goal, we embarked on an innovative process:

We gathered highly detailed 3D models of the client's car lineup. We focused on capturing every intricate detail, from body contours to interior features, ensuring a lifelike representation.

Leveraging on cutting-edge real-time rendering technology, we developed a user-friendly interface that enabled customers to customize their vehicles instantly. From exterior paint colors and wheel designs to interior trims and high-tech features, users had full control over every aspect.

To enhance the experience, we integrated Virtual Reality capabilities into the configurator. This allowed customers to step into a virtual showroom, where they could interact with their customized cars in a stunningly realistic environment.



The outcomes delivered were exceptional:

  • enhanced customer engagement: it immersed customers in a dynamic experience where they could configure their dream cars in real-time
  • streamlined sales process: customers could experiment with different configurations, enabling them to find their perfect match efficiently.
  • increased conversion rates: customers gained confidence in their choices, resulting in a shorter buying cycle.

“The Car Configurator allowed a whole new car experience.  Engaging, absorbing, persuasive.”


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MetaSea, a Virtual Underwater Adventure

Meta Sea

a Virtual Underwater Adventure


MetaSea was born as a pilot project that won 2nd place in the national 5G competition promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), in collaboration with the Naval League of Acitrezza, the University of Catania, and baxenergy.

MetaSea is a Virtual Marine Museum that allows visitors to explore in VR the seabed and  interact with the marine biodiversity and archaeological artifacts.




The project aims to promote innovative projects that encourage research, development, and experimentation of solutions using emerging technologies such as 5G.

Through the fusion of technology and the desire to amaze and engage, MetaSea, the most captivating virtual marine museum, was born.




The result is an exciting virtual underwater adventure that inspires, informs, and engages visitors, providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

Through the power of VR, visitors can dive into the the underwater environment, discovering ancient archeological artifacts and marine life like never before.

It’s an innovative and educational experience that combines technology, archeology, and biology.

Winner of 2nd place in the national 5G Call for Proposals promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development

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Eyecad VR, Real-Time Rendering in VR

Eyecad VR

Real-time rendering
in virtual reality

Eyecad VR General


Eyecad VR is a Digital Atom’s registered product.

It is a real-time rendering software for the architectural visualization of 3D projects in Virtual Reality.

Eyecad VR has been made up to create renderings, videos and interactive experiences for architecture and design. Photorealistic visuals are ready in real time, with an easy and powerful workflow.




Our goal was enabling architects and interior designers to evaluate the evolution of their work on a real scale in real-time and to transmit their design ideas to customers in the most realistic way possible.


Leveraging on the game development platform Unity, we developed Eyecad VR, the easiest real time rendering software for the visualization of 3D projects in VR.

We focused on an user-friendly interface, so that everyone could learn to use it as fast as possible and on vast drag-and-drop library of 3D assets to help architects and designers customize their scenes with objects, people, landscape and environment features in short time.

Eyecad VR- user-friendly-interface-rendering-software


The Outcome was incredible: architects and designers from all over the world loved it and became soon widely adopted. Now, since 2015 it is one of the most known solutions for the visualization and interactive exploration of 3D projects in virtual reality. 

The software can be downloaded on the dedicated website and offers a 30-days free trial.

+100K renders created 

+ 10K users 

+20 different Countries

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