Eyecad VR

Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization This is our first son. It is a software for architectural visualization of 3D projects which works in VR. Our goal was creating a software that enabled architects and interior designers to evaluate the evolution of their work on a real scale in real-time and to explore their project before realizing […]

360 Virtual Tour

 A place you can explore from anywhere in the world For Free Mind Foundry, the biggest innovation and research center in South of Italy, we have created a virtual tour of its wonderful structure through high resolution 360 images. The goal was creating a digital representation of the interiors so that anyone from any part […]

Virtual Museum

Back to life in VR For a travel company, we created a 360-Degree Virtual Tour of an old temple, of which only ruins were left. The goal was first attracting more visitors by enabling them to experience the destination before booking it. Secondly, creating a memorable experience. A digital reconstruction of the old site was […]

Car configurator

Customize your car at pleasure before buying it The Goal was creating a tool for car showrooms that allowed potential customers to personalize and experience cars before buying one.The Outcome was a 3D Configurator which works in real-time and in Virtual Reality that allows sellers in their showroom to change colors, interiors, and other part […]