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Capitalizing on real-time rendering technology, the 3D Car Configurator was realized for an important automotive client (undisclosable) to empower users to visualize, personalize and experience their dream cars in real-time and in the most realistic way possible.




Our customer came to us with 3 main challenges:

  • simplify the process of choosing and customizing cars, making it easier for customers to navigate through numerous options.
  • facilitate the buying process to boost sales
  • cut costs of physical showrooms


To achieve our goal, we embarked on an innovative process:

We gathered highly detailed 3D models of the client's car lineup. We focused on capturing every intricate detail, from body contours to interior features, ensuring a lifelike representation.

Leveraging on cutting-edge real-time rendering technology, we developed a user-friendly interface that enabled customers to customize their vehicles instantly. From exterior paint colors and wheel designs to interior trims and high-tech features, users had full control over every aspect.

To enhance the experience, we integrated Virtual Reality capabilities into the configurator. This allowed customers to step into a virtual showroom, where they could interact with their customized cars in a stunningly realistic environment.



The outcomes delivered were exceptional:

  • enhanced customer engagement: it immersed customers in a dynamic experience where they could configure their dream cars in real-time
  • streamlined sales process: customers could experiment with different configurations, enabling them to find their perfect match efficiently.
  • increased conversion rates: customers gained confidence in their choices, resulting in a shorter buying cycle.

“The Car Configurator allowed a whole new car experience.  Engaging, absorbing, persuasive.”


Find out how 3D configurators can help your business achieve same results