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Real-time rendering
in virtual reality

Eyecad VR General


Eyecad VR is a Digital Atom’s registered product.

It is a real-time rendering software for the architectural visualization of 3D projects in Virtual Reality.

Eyecad VR has been made up to create renderings, videos and interactive experiences for architecture and design. Photorealistic visuals are ready in real time, with an easy and powerful workflow.




Our goal was enabling architects and interior designers to evaluate the evolution of their work on a real scale in real-time and to transmit their design ideas to customers in the most realistic way possible.


Leveraging on the game development platform Unity, we developed Eyecad VR, the easiest real time rendering software for the visualization of 3D projects in VR.

We focused on an user-friendly interface, so that everyone could learn to use it as fast as possible and on vast drag-and-drop library of 3D assets to help architects and designers customize their scenes with objects, people, landscape and environment features in short time.

Eyecad VR- user-friendly-interface-rendering-software


The Outcome was incredible: architects and designers from all over the world loved it and became soon widely adopted. Now, since 2015 it is one of the most known solutions for the visualization and interactive exploration of 3D projects in virtual reality. 

The software can be downloaded on the dedicated website and offers a 30-days free trial.

+100K renders created 

+ 10K users 

+20 different Countries

See how Eyecad VR can help you turn your 3D projects into realistic renderings and immersive experiences explorable in VR.