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Exploring the futuristic
hub in 360°

logo free mind foundry


For Free Mind Foundry, the biggest innovation and research center in South of Italy, we have created a virtual tour of its futuristic facility through high resolution 360° images.




The goal was to digitally represent the interiors of Free Mind Foundry, allowing people from all corners of the globe to explore its futuristic and innovative workspace.

We aimed to attract individuals who were interested in investing in the campus, studying at its academy, or securing a seat in its co-working space.


To achieve our goal, we embarked on an extensive process of capturing immersive 360° photospheres of the entire facility. Each area was meticulously photographed, ensuring that every detail was faithfully represented. We then enhanced these photospheres by incorporating informative overlays that provided valuable insights and context about the different spaces within Free Mind Foundry.




The outcome was an interactive virtual tour of the Campus, which extends on two floors. As users navigate through the tour, they are immersed in stunning 360° views of the facility, with informative overlays enriching their experience by offering in-depth information about each area.

The 360° virtual tour of our Campus crafted by Digital Atom has masterfully captured the social essence and the futuristic design of Free Mind Foundry, offering an immersive digital experience

~ Simone Massaro, Founder & CEO of Free Mind Foundry | International Cooperation Hub

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