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Event Management App


Digital Atom had the privilege to collaborate with a public organization (name non-disclosable) in the development of a comprehensive software and app solution for managing their year-long celebration events. The organization required a user-friendly platform to handle event reservations and check-ins efficiently.




The goal of the project was to create a software and an app that would streamline the event management process for the organization. They needed a secure and fast registration system on the backend, while the app would enable seamless check-ins using a QR code system. The objective was to enhance the overall event experience for both the organization and the attendees.



  1. Streamlined Event Management: every attendee could easily and fast register at events, reducing manual work for both attendees and the organization.
  2. Fast and Secure Registration: The backend system ensured secure event registrations, reducing manual work and eliminating potential errors associated with traditional methods.
  3. Seamless Check-ins: The app’s QR code system enabled quick and accurate check-ins at events

“App and web App allowed to seamlessly handle events with more than 60.000 attendees”

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